RPGs For Our Veterans and Active Duty Personnel

Dungeons & Dog Tags’ mission is to provide Dungeons & Dragons RPGs (Role Playing Games) for our Veterans and Active Duty personnel around the world. We run online games throughout the week and are always looking for players and Dungeon Masters to run new games. All experience levels are welcome.

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Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dog Tags facilitates online RPGs throughout the week for our Veterans, Active Duty personnel, and civilian supporters. Our DMs utilize audio/video through Discord and use VTTs (Virtual Table Tops) such as Roll20 and Foundry.


Role Playing Games such as Dungeons & Dragons gives our warfighters a safe space to process trauma, practice coping skills, and find support from peers who have shared experiences.


The military community is unique in culture, language, and needs. We take care of our own and nobody is left behind. Dungeons & Dog Tags has a growing community of military gamers and civilian supporters.

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Dungeons & Dog Tags was founded in 2020 after GaryCon XIII. It’s purpose is to facilitate Dungeons & Dragons games for our troops overseas and has grown to now include Veterans and civilian supporters of the military.

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